What You Should Know about Making Quarterly Tax Payments for Your Business

The majority of income-earners in the United States receive a paycheck on a regular basis that already has taxes taken out for them. However, those who have untaxed income often have to calculate and submit payments to the IRS on a quarterly basis in order to ensure that they’re not charged with underpayment penalties when filing their tax returns. Keep reading to learn what you should know about making quarterly tax payments for your business.

Aug 15, 2022
Can You Still Receive an Employee Retention Credit for 2023?

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) was implemented in 2020 as part of the CARES Act, and benefited both employers and employees by rewarding businesses with a refundable tax credit for keeping workers on the payroll despite business downturns. Most businesses now have more or less returned to normal operations, and required business closures and restrictions for COVID-19 abatement have been lifted in most areas. This has led many business owners to wonder if they can still claim an ERC on their tax returns in 2022. Keep reading to learn more about the ERC, the time periods it applied to, and how to claim your business’s credit.

Aug 01, 2022
Understanding the "Green Book" and How Potential Tax Law Changes Impact You

Understanding existing tax laws can be difficult enough. However, if you’re hoping to plan and prepare for your taxes in advance, it’s also important to be aware of potential changes to tax laws and how they might impact your tax situation. As tax advisors, we strive to keep proposed changes to tax laws on our radar so that we can appropriately advise clients. These potential changes are outlined in the US Department of the Treasury’s “Green Book,” which includes the current administration’s proposed budget for the coming year. Here’s what you need to know about the Green Book, the proposed tax legislation it includes, and how those changes might impact you.

Jul 15, 2022
What You Should Know about Filing Taxes for a Deceased Loved One

When a family member passes away, their tax returns are probably the furthest thing from your mind. Unfortunately, amid the grieving process, there are many other processes that must get underway and details that must be attended to. We understand that filing your own taxes can be complicated enough; filing for a deceased loved one can be even more difficult, not only in terms of the process itself, but in the emotions that it can bring up as well. Here’s what you should know about filing taxes for a deceased loved one.

Jul 01, 2022
4 Ways We Can Help You After Your Return Is Filed

At Demian & Company CPAs, we’re far more than a tax preparation firm. As a full-service tax professional, the service we offer to our clients goes beyond April 15th, and includes many types of support that can help you to save money on your taxes and relieve some of the burden related to tax returns and tax debt. Keep reading to learn about some of the ways we can help you with your taxes, even after your tax return is filed.

Jun 15, 2022
How Is Out-of-State Income Taxed?

Understanding who you pay your taxes to seems pretty simple: you pay both the federal and your local state government. While this may be true for many people, for those who earn income in multiple states, understanding who you’re supposed to report your income to can get complicated pretty quickly. If you earn income in another state, do you have to pay taxes to that state? Will your state of residence still tax the income? What about products sold online to customers in other states? Keep reading to learn more about how out-of-state income is taxed, and contact us to get expert guidance on handling this complex tax situation.

Jun 01, 2022
5 Ways to Plan for Your 2022 Taxes Now

You might feel like tax season barely wrapped up—and you’d be right. However, now is the best time to start thinking about your 2022 taxes and taking steps to prepare for filing your next return. Planning ahead and preparing well in advance of the year’s end can have numerous benefits for you. But how can you start working towards a better tax situation for your 2022 return? Here are a few things you can do right now.

May 15, 2022
Want to Use the IRS's Online Tools? You Might Need a Selfie

If you use any of the IRS’s online tools—including the Child Tax Credit Update Portal, receiving copies of your tax transcript, and viewing payment agreements with the IRS—the way you access those tools will be changing soon. As of summer 2022, you’ll have to create an account using a third-party identity verification company called ID.me, and that may require submitting a selfie. Here’s what you need to know.

May 01, 2022
Will Your Tax Return Be Delayed This Year?

Last year, more than 30 million taxpayers had their tax returns delayed after filing. Could the same thing happen to you this year? Whether you’ve already filed and are waiting for your return to be processed, or you’re still waiting to file, you might be wondering just how long it’s going to take for your return to be finalized. Due to long-time staff shortages, as well as the added work that came from distributing stimulus checks and advanced child tax credit payments, the IRS is running more behind than usual. Here’s what you need to know about the IRS backlog, and the likelihood of your return being delayed this year.

Apr 15, 2022
Avoid These Mistakes on Your Tax Return to Avoid Refund Delays

If you’re expecting a tax refund, you likely want to see that money as soon as possible. Unfortunately, as tax season is drawing to a close, some delays are probable. However, there are some things you can do to minimize the likelihood of delays—primarily, avoiding common mistakes that will require further review with the IRS. Here are a few mistakes that are likely to occur this year. Double check all calculations and reported amounts in these areas to help you avoid delays with your refund.

Apr 01, 2022
What You Should Know about Tax Law Changes for Your PayPal Income

Many business owners and self-employed individuals expressed concern when a new tax law came into effect at the start of 2022. This new law impacts the way income from PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and other digital payment platforms is reported to the IRS. This has led to worries about nontaxable income being reported, and other issues that would impact your tax liability. Keep reading to learn what you need to know about these changes.

Mar 15, 2022
2022 Tax Law Changes You Need to Know About

Taxes are one of the few certainties in life, and yet, they can also be quite unpredictable. While you can certainly plan on paying taxes every year, there are usually tax law changes each year as well. Often, these are minor changes that won’t impact the majority of tax payers. But this year, there are some tax changes that you should be aware of. These changes to tax law will likely impact your 2022 tax return, so it’s important to plan for them accordingly.

Mar 01, 2022
Letter 6419: What It Is and Why You Need to Hang onto It

You’re probably quite familiar with the tax documents you receive each year. Depending on your sources of income, you likely know to expect forms like 1099s, W-2s, and others that you receive every year. But this year, you’ll likely be receiving a new, additional document from the IRS for your tax return: Letter 6419. Here’s what you need to know about this form and why it’s important that you hang onto it.

Feb 15, 2022
Most Common Tax Scams for the 2022 Tax Season

Tax season has officially begun, and tax scammers are ramping up their efforts to steal personal identifying information from taxpayers. These individuals use your information to file a fake tax return in your name and claim a refund—and you won’t even know about it until you try to file a return yourself. While tax scams are about as old as taxes themselves, scammers are constantly evolving the ways in which they attempt to steal your data. Here’s what you should know about common tax scams for this year, and what you can do to protect yourself.

Feb 01, 2022
3 Big Changes to Know about for Your 2021 Tax Return

The holiday season is over, and tax season is here. By the end of this month, you’ll start receiving tax-related forms from the IRS, your employer, and other relevant entities. (We’ll talk a little bit about two new papers you’ll receive later in this article.) While it’s always a good idea to file your return early if you can, it’s important not to rush the process. It’s easy to get in a rhythm when your taxes are the same year after year, but there were a few changes in 2021 to be aware of for your taxes this year. Keep reading to learn more.

Jan 15, 2022
Reduce Your Tax Liability with These Last-Minute Financial Moves

When it comes to your 2021 tax return, your ability to change most of those numbers ended when the ball dropped at midnight. The majority of the information on your return this tax season is now set in stone—but not all of it. There are actually a few moves you can still make to reduce your 2021 tax liability, despite the turning of the calendar to a new year. Here are 5 last-minute tax moves you can still consider making in order to reduce your tax burden.

Jan 01, 2022
Start Your New Year with a Clean Slate: Get Relief from Tax Debt

The New Year is supposed to be about starting fresh, improving ourselves, and making the next year even better than the last. That can be difficult to do when you’re dragging around the same tax debt after the ball drops. If you’re looking to start the New Year off with a clean slate, you need to find a way to get rid of that tax debt, or at least get it under control. Here are some options for helping you do just that.

Dec 15, 2021
Important Things to Remember before Making Charitable Donations

The holiday season is a time of giving, and many individuals choose to make large, frequent donations to various charities at this time of year. From making cash contributions to donating used and new toys alike, giving back is a common holiday tradition. However, it’s still important to do your research and check up on a few things before you make your donations. Here are a few things to remember when giving to charities this holiday season.

Dec 01, 2021
5 Things to Do Now to Prepare for the 2022 Tax Season

If you’re like most people, your mind is probably focused on the upcoming holidays—not on tax season. The majority of Americans don’t begin to worry about preparing to file their tax return until after the New Year. But beginning to prepare now can make filing much faster and easier for you when tax season does finally roll around; you may even be able to reduce your tax liability! Here are five things you should be doing right now to start preparing for the 2022 tax season.

Nov 15, 2021
How Outsourcing Your Accounting Needs Could Benefit Your Business

New businesses often begin with the business owner doing all of the accounting work. While this might work when you’re your only employee and your sales are minimal, as soon as your business begins to grow, it’s time to consider more professional options. But should you outsource your accounting needs or hire an in-house accountant? Keep reading to learn why a third-party accounting firm is better for your business.

Nov 01, 2021
Did You Miss These Major Tax Breaks on Your Last Return?

While taxes may be unavoidable, your tax liability can be significantly reduced by including all relevant deductions and credits on your tax return. But few taxpayers know enough about all of the available tax breaks to claim every one that they qualify for. Here are some of the most commonly overlooked deductions and credits on tax returns.

Oct 15, 2021