Providing Essential Accounting Services in East Brunswick, NJ, after a Difficult Year

Accounting services on black chalkboard with bookkeeping toolsIt’s now been over a year since businesses began to lock down and individuals began to isolate in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. And though things are slowly inching back towards normal, the effects of 2020 will likely be felt for a long time. Right now, as the tax deadline approaches, many people are uncertain about many aspects of handling their 2020 returns. Demian & Company, CPAs, is here to help our clients in East Brunswick, NJ, and surrounding areas to find reassurance and certainty in their taxes and accounting.

Express Tax Services

We know that the deadline is approaching fast, which is why we provide tax services with speed and accuracy. You can request express service, and we’ll send you a secure email to attach your tax documents to so that you can submit them to us with complete encryption. Once we have all your documents, one of our tax professionals in East Brunswick, NJ, will complete your tax return and submit a draft for your review as quickly as possible. This usually happens within a day. And once you review the document and submit your approval, we’ll file it right away.

Speed is incredibly important in the days leading up to the deadline, so if you want to get your return filed before April 15th, request express service. Or, if you’re not ready to file, let us know and we can file an extension for you.

Comprehensive Business Accounting

We are also experts in accounting and bookkeeping for businesses, and can assist with any of your business’s accounting needs. Using a single accountant for all of your bookkeeping and accounting needs ensures accuracy and speed in filing taxes, dealing with audits, submitting financial reports, and other aspects of your business. Plus, it keeps your financial information more secure by minimizing how often you have to submit sensitive documents to various accountants.

We get to know your business, your books, and you, so that we can ensure every number is accurate and every deduction is accounted for. From business incorporation and payroll services to bookkeeping and tax filing, we can become your long-term partners in managing your business’s finances.

Whether you need individual or business accounting services in Easy Brunswick, NJ, Demian & Company, CPAs, can help.