How to Get Your Tax Return Done Remotely by a Professional

When it comes to filing your taxes, it seems that you generally have two options: meet with a professional to have them done, or file electronically on your own. Each of these options has some obvious pros and cons. But here at Demian & Company CPA, we offer a third option that we feel offers the best of both worlds. Here’s a little bit more about our remote tax filing services, and how you can have your taxes completed by a professional without ever stepping foot in a CPA office.

Why File Remotely?

As we mentioned, there are benefits to both the DIY tax software and working with a professional accountant. Having a professional CPA file your taxes ensures that complex issues are handled properly, and makes it less likely there will be simple errors on your return. But filing with remote software is quick and convenient, especially if you don’t have time to sit down with your CPA.

Our remote filing service allows you to submit your tax documents, speak with a CPA, and receive your completed return without ever having to leave your home. It offers the convenience of DIY tax programs, but with the peace of mind and professional expertise that comes from working with a true tax expert. Here’s how our remote tax filing service works.

Send in Your Documents

The first step to having your taxes completed remotely is to submit all of the necessary tax forms to our CPA firm. We offer four separate options for submitting your documents, and each of them is safe and secure, so you can send your forms without worrying about them being intercepted and misused. Here are the four ways you can submit your documents to us:

  1. Email – Give us a call and provide us with your email address. We’ll send you a secure, encrypted email. All you have to do is reply, and include your tax documents in the attachment. Because you’re replying to an encrypted message, your response will also be encrypted to ensure that your documents can’t be stolen electronically.
  2. Portal – You can also use our secure client portal to upload your documents. We’ll send you an invitation to the portal, and you can set up your unique username and password. Then, just log in and upload your documents. This can be done from a computer, tablet, or smartphone, so it’s incredibly convenient and easy to use.
  3. Fax – If you prefer to fax your tax documents over, please include a cover sheet and all of the necessary forms. You can fax them to (877) 768-1323.
  4. Snail Mail – Finally, you can also choose to submit your documents via traditional or “snail” mail. You may want to get a tracking number for your package, so you can follow its progress and ensure the safe arrival of your documents. Mail your documents to:

Demian and Company, LLC

340 North Avenue East

Cranford, NJ 07016-21825

Once we receive all of your tax forms, we can move on to the next step in the process.

Have a Phone Interview

After we’ve received your documents, we’ll set up an appointment for you to speak with a tax specialist. But you don’t need to come to our office for it. Our tax specialist can speak with you over the phone, or via video conferencing. They’ll go over your taxes with you, and discuss any potential deductions that you may have overlooked, based on your current situation. Once our tax preparers have everything they need, they’ll get to work on your tax return right away.

Receive Your Return

Our expert tax preparers can will set to work on your return immediately after your phone interview. Once your return is complete, we’ll mail it directly to your home or office via priority mail. It’s really that simple. You don’t need to take time off work for appointments, or spend personal hours coming through all of your forms and trying to decipher tax software on your own. We’ll complete the return, send it back to you, and you can look over it if you wish before filing it with the IRS.

If you would like to learn more about our remote tax preparation services, feel free to reach out to us today. Whether you’re still working on your 2018 return, or you’re just planning ahead for next tax season, we’d be happy to help you with any questions you may have for us!