4 Ways We Utilize Technology to Make Filing Taxes Easier for You

web camera on laptopWe get it—filing taxes is no picnic. However, our primary goal is to help make the tax-filing process simpler, easier, and less stressful for you, and perhaps get you a better outcome on your tax return while we’re at it. Obviously, working with our experienced and knowledgeable CPAs will naturally make this process less of a burden for you. But we also utilize every piece of technology we have at our disposal to simplify the process for you even further. Here are just 4 pieces of technology we use in our offices to make filing your taxes easier than ever.

Secure Document Submission

Many of our clients worry about how secure it is to send sensitive tax documents over the internet. But they also don’t want to take the time to bring the documents in themselves. That’s why we offer several different document submissions options:

  1. Client portal: We’ll send you an invitation to create a user profile on our secure client portal. This allows you to upload documents instantly, safely, and securely.
  2. Email: Obviously, you don’t want to simply attach a sensitive document to a standard email. But we can send you a secure email. Simply reply with the attachments, and your response will be carefully encrypted to ensure your information is protected.
  3. Fax: If you prefer, we also offer the option of faxing your documents to us. While this may be a bit more old-fashioned, faxes are still a valuable piece of technology for submitting documents in a relatively quick and secure manner.

These three methods put technology to work for you, saving you time and effort while ensuring that all of your information is protected at all times. We’ll get your documents almost instantaneously, and you don’t have to worry about the files being intercepted or the digital data being stolen at any point.

Remote Services

Most of our clients need to meet with their CPA at some point during the tax-filing process in order to go over details and ensure all information is accurate. But we also realize that finding the time to come into our office is difficult, and in some cases, it’s actually impossible! Whether you’re an out-of-state client or you just don’t have time in your busy schedule for a face-to-face meeting, we provide remote services to help get your taxes done with minimal interrupt to your daily life.

Just schedule a 5- to 10-minute interview with one of our tax specialists. We can video conference with you and go over all of the important details, just as we would do in an old-fashioned, face-to-face meeting. Don’t have access to a webcam? We can speak to you over the phone instead. Once all o the final details are handled, we’ll mail your tax return to your home or office within 24 hours.

This simple use of conferencing technology enables us to provide the same high level of service to our clients, with minimal inconvenience to them. So, you can get your taxes done by one of our professional CPAs without ever having to step foot into our offices!

Online Appointment Scheduling

We’ve also made it much simpler to book an appointment with our CPAs. Whether you’re scheduling one of those remote interviews that we mentioned, or you want to come into our offices in person, you can schedule your appointment through our website in a matter of minutes. With just a few clicks, you can set up your appointment or schedule that phone call, and be instantly added to our appointment books.

No setting reminders to call in and schedule your tax planning meeting, and no back-and-forth on the phone as you try to figure out what times are available that fit your schedule. Just fast, simple, convenient scheduling.

Web-Based Payroll System

If you’re a business owner, we also offer a web-based payroll system that is simple, easy, and convenient to use. This online portal allows you to log in from our website and manage details like direct deposits, electronic tax payments, and electronic form filing. There’s also an employee hub, where you can view paystubs and other information. Of course, we’ll still manage the nitty-gritty details of your payroll for you. But this technology allows you to have fast, easy, and secure access to all of the information you need, so you can review it and make adjustments at any time, whether it’s for tax-filing purposes or for other business uses.

At Demian & Company, CPAs, we are always looking for ways to make filing your taxes faster, easier, and more secure. That’s why we utilize numerous forms of technology and provide as many options as possible for our clients to submit documents, meet with our staff, schedule meetings, and more. If you would like to learn more about how we’re using technology to protect your information and make taxes easier than ever before, just give us a call.